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We know how difficult it can be choosing the products you need for your business, particularly when you are just starting out. Be radiant supply everything you need for your cosmetic makeup salon and these products can be bought individually as you please. It can however be much easier to have everything you need in one place in the form of a kit for getting things started. At least this way you have what you need and when it comes to replacing them you know exactly what to look for. We have therefore put together a range of bundle products which will contain everything you need to get started. Each pack will be slightly different allowing you to choose something that is best suited to your needs and the types of procedures you will be carrying out. As well as our bundle packs you can also expect to find the very popular Feather Touch kit and the Perfect Brow Stencilling kit. The Feather Touch kit has everything you need for creating natural and feathery looking brows, whereas the Perfect Brow Stencilling kit can be used to find out which brow shape is best suited to your customer.

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