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Be Radiant supply a fantastic selection of pigments for use in the semi-permanent makeup industry. amiea, a global leader in the field of micropigmentation have a superb range of colours available that are popular amongst professionals in the industry. The brand supply both Organic and Derma Safe pigments allowing the technician to choose the right product for them. Those in the organic line are created to adhere to increased safety regulations by the EU, and offer an alternative to controversial iron oxide pigments. They have no trace of any metal including nickel making them some of the safest inks available on the market. They are therefore not a natural product and are in fact produced synthetically in order to produce the highest possible purity. The colours are vibrant with good density and excellent pigment enclosure. They are absorbed into the skin easily and will not turn red after the healing process. Derma safe pigments are high quality products that have been sensitivity tested by DERMATEST® Munster in order to comply with the Council of Europe Resolution ResAp (2008)1. The pigments come in a fantastic range of colours and contain no toxicities, aromatic amines or artificial preservatives. They have excellent flow and do not drip especially when used with amiea devices. Pigments in this range are sterilised and come in two packaging sizes to meet your needs. All amiea pigments are made in Germany within their ISO 9001 certified facility. As well as amiea pigments Be Radiant also supply a superb selection of BioTouch pigments. Their three main pigment types include Pure Pigments, Double Drop Pigments and Micropigments. Pure Pigments are some of the most rigorously tested in the EU ensuring that they meet health and safety regulations, and that clients are receiving top quality products. Double Drop contain twice as much pigment in a single drop of ink, helping the colour to go further, remain truer and experience minimal fading. Micropigments are formulated with superfine particles and iron oxides preventing them from drying out and increasing their absorption rate. BioTouch products are used by over 50,000 professionals worldwide and the number continues to grow.
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