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Be Radiant are delighted to supply a fantastic selection of semi-permanent makeup machines by a popular brand name amiea. The three machines that we supply are the Linelle Precise and handpiece, the Linelle Supreme and handpiece and the Sense machine and handpiece. The Linelle Precise is ideal for both beginner and advanced technicians, it is compatible with a variety of needles and headpieces and it is extremely comfortable to hold. The Linelle Supreme is a flexible device and the quietest in the range. It is very easy to operate and provides good stability for more precise and accurate work. The Sense machine is the most advanced device by amiea providing professional technicians with everything they need. A powerful machine that is completely computerised allowing it to recognise and display which cartridge is attached to it. As well as this the machine operates with SensiDrive® a program that recommends and adjusts the settings of the machine in accordance with the type of needles being used. All semi-permanent makeup machines are suitable for sterilisation ensuring that they are kept clean, and that health and safety regulations are maintained in the workplace.

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