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Be Radiant know how important it is for both you and your customer to feel comfortable whilst procedures are being done. We therefore supply a range of furniture for both comfort and practicality reasons to feature in your cosmetic makeup salon. Available from us are client chairs, technician chairs and tables for displaying and organising equipment. All of our furniture is made using high quality materials ensuring that it is strong, durable and long lasting. It has also been made to look sleek and stylish so that it is fitting with the environment in which it is intended for. Our portable table is the perfect addition for any salon and can even be folded up small for those who run a mobile business. We also have the fantastic Hydraulic Pro Lite II client chair that does everything you can think of, from full adjustability to removable arms rests. The chair is also very comfortable and has a PVC surface so that it can be easily cleaned and disinfected. As well as this we have the technician stool. Although basic, it is extremely comfortable and is easy to manoeuvre. Featuring an extra thick seat cushion you can sit for as long as you need during a procedure without the worry of becoming numb.

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